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Naming Opportunities

As we dare to create a virtuous circle of support through the 50th Anniversary Campaign, we invite you to consider the many spaces and initiatives that are available for naming at VLGS. To learn more about any of the options below, please contact Emma Crossen, director of major giving, at or 802-831-1110.

Clinics, Centers, and Programs

A short walk around the VLGS campus—past Debevoise Hall, Oakes Hall, the Cornell Library, and the Shafer Belfry Tower, to name a few—shows how giving has helped VLGS flourish while honoring the people who are part of its story. In June 2023, the Maverick Lloyd Foundation made a transformational gift to VLGS that was recognized with the naming of the Maverick Lloyd School for the Environment. VLGS is also home to numerous legal clinics, academic centers, and programs that can be named and uplifted through charitable giving.

Study Carrels

For many alumni, there is no space that better symbolizes the hard work and camaraderie that defined their time at VLGS than a library study carrel. The Cornell Library contains more than 100 study carrels that are available for naming as part of the 50th Anniversary Campaign. Other naming opportunities in the library include the front desk and the environmental reading room.

Faculty Offices, Classrooms, and Entryways

A gift to name a faculty office or classroom honors the exceptional educators and classroom learning that is a hallmark of the VLGS experience. There are also opportunities to name other areas inside these buildings, from lounges to entryways.

Porches, Barns, and Historic Spaces

Many alums recall the feeling of arriving at VLGS to find something special about a community of innovative scholarship and learning in and around historic Vermont houses, antique barns, and inviting porches on the banks of the White River. A gift to name one of these distinctly VLGS spaces honors the adaptability and beauty of this unique place while supporting VLGS far into the future.

Endowed Scholarships, Professorships, Deanships

Endowments provide funding in perpetuity to help VLGS recruit, retain, and support the diverse and dedicated faculty and students who are vital to this community.

Student Services

VLGS is a school that has adapted and grown to understand the needs of its students and respond with action—through the VLGS Café, the fitness center, Career Services, the Multicultural Center, and more. A gift to name any of the aforementioned buildings, or spaces within them, will help VLGS continue to listen and respond to its community.