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Vermont Law and Graduate School Alumni Association (VLGSAA) members diligently work to accomplish goals and objectives to serve fellow Swans. Many of these efforts are executed through the work of committees. With the exception of the Executive Committee, membership on these groups is open to all VLGS alumni. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email the respective chair(s) for more information.

Executive Committee

This committee is comprised of the VLGSAA’s president, vice president, secretary, and chairs of the other committees. Together, they lead the overall strategic vision of the alumni association and discern how to best serve the alumni community. In addition to the officers highlighted below, the Executive Committee includes: Jackie Brilling JD'79, Helene Combes MELP'16, Cole Konopka JD'16, Tracey Lewis JD'09, Liz Lucente JD/MSEL'07, Sarah Mason JD'08, Rick Johnson JD'97, and Patrick Kennedy JD'93.

Other Committees