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Sherri White-Williamson JD/MERL'18

2023 Social Justice Scholars Alumni Award Recipient

Sherri White-Williamson HeadshotSherri White-Williamson is the director of environmental justice strategy at the North Carolina Conservation Network (NCCN). She focuses on overall strategy to ensure that consideration of environmental justice is incorporated in NCCN’s policy and outreach efforts. Ms. White-Williamson retired from the U.S. EPA, Office of Environmental Justice, where she served in many roles, including manager of the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice established under Executive Order 12898, and Designated Federal Officer to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

She is a 2018 graduate of Vermont Law School, now known as Vermont Law and graduate School, where she earned dual degrees—a Juris Doctor and Master of Energy Regulation and Law. During her time as a student in South Royalton, Ms. White-Williamson co-chaired the inaugural Environmental Justice Solutions Conference and co-founded the Environmental Justice Law Society. She was awarded the Marc Mihaly Environmental Leadership Award in recognition of her commitment to the environment and environmental justice.

Ms. White-Williamson currently resides in Sampson County, North Carolina, where she co-founded the Environmental Justice Community Action Network (EJCAN) to address environmental injustices experienced by rural communities. She also teaches a graduate level environmental justice course at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.