Suicide prevention resources

mental health resources

The rate of suicide in the United States continues to increase every year. The VLS community is not alone in experiencing the repercussions, and suffering the losses, of suicide.

When someone we know dies by suicide, we very often evaluate what we could have done to prevent it. Many of us evaluate our own lives. In response to this reaction, we'd like to offer a series of resources—in the DC area and beyond—that we hope people will use if they are having thoughts of suicide or are concerned about someone else. It is important to us that all Swans feel supported.

Please contact us with questions (or suggestions) about these resources.

Jami Westerhold
DCVLSAA Board Chair

Jes Olson
VLSAA Board Member

National Resources

Assistance in DC

Assistance in MD

Assistance in Albany, NY

Assistance in NYC

Assistance in VA

Assistance in VT

  • The Vermont Lawyers Assistance Project (VTLAP) treats all contact, whether with lawyers, judges, law students, or concerned third parties, with confidentiality. VTLAP is exempt from reporting professional misconduct under Rule 8.3. Information between VTLAP volunteers, and a lawyer, judge or law student who seeks assistance, is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed except upon express authority of the affected person.
  • The Vermont Suicide Prevention Center at the Center for Health and Learning:
  • Vermont Department of Health:

Mental Health Toolkit

Click here to download the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Toolkit compiled by the ABA Law Student Division, the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP), and the Dave Nee Foundation.