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This program is a powerful way for students to benefit from your experiences and for mentors to develop professionally and personally through investing in the VLS community. The information you provide will help us make appropriate matches. Once you complete the form, someone from the OIA office will contact you. We are interested in hearing from all alumni, including those who are using their degrees in non-traditional ways.

Mentoring Program Sign-Up
All information you provide will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of matching you with a mentee and facilitating an initial meeting.
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1 Full Name?
2 What VLS graduate degree(s) did you have? You can select more than one answer

3 What years (s) did you graduate from VLS?
4 What is your current working status? If you are retired please list where you worked previously in the "other" box below.

5 If you are working, what is the organization name and your position?
6 What is the setting in which you work(ed) in? You can choose more than one answer.

7 What content area do/did you work in? You may choose more than one answer. Please also utilize the other box if you do not see an option that relates to your work. We realize this is not an exhaustive list.

8 Would you be interested in mentoring more than one student?

9 What is the best way for your Mentee(s) to contact you?

10 What is your email address?

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Abby Armstrong, Career Services Director

Kathy Hartman, Associate Registrar for Distance Learning

Melissa Harwood, Director of Alumni Affairs