Vermont Law School Alumni Association

The VLSAA is dedicated to serving and advocating for the alumni and students, and enhancing the reputation of VLS as a premier institution of higher learning that effectively balances academics and experiential learning, while preserving the core values of community, diversity, service, ethics, and justice in their highest form.

To fulfill its mission, the VLSAA works to perpetuate and promote the bonds of loyalty and friendship among alumni; solicits financial support for VLS from alumni and the community; assists the VLS admissions office in recruiting efforts; supports VLS sponsored activities, on and off campus; represents the interests of the alumni to the Board of Trustees; provides financial assistance to worthy students; and assists VLS and its student body in professional guidance and job placement.

All Vermont Law School graduates and former students are considered lifetime members of the VLSAA, and may vote during elections and when issues and amendments arise.

Please see the links below for more information on the Alumni Association, its work, and our alumni networks.


Voting has ended, and elections are now closed for the VLSAA Board of Directors.

Thank you for participating in the election process.

Read the VLSAA Board of Directors candidates statements of interest.


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